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Mom’s Perspective

It is so inspiring to meet other Christian homeschooling families. The families we filmed for the documentary were from different places, in varying businesses, some with many children, some with fewer, some with young children and some with grown and married children. They were all strangers to us, and yet we shared the common bond of being brothers and sisters in Christ, and that of homeschooling. Each of the families have been so hospitable, from sharing meals with us, to letting us camp on their property, to allowing us to stay in their guest house, and always wonderful fellowship. It has been refreshing to see these wives and mothers so happy and content, fulfilled in their calling and supportive and encouraging to their husbands as they in turn lead and support their family.

I feel I have been blessed to meet these wonderful, godly women. Lisa Jost is so positive and encouraging. I loved watching her interact with her children and seeing the love flow between them. It was neat to meet Kyrstin Brown, another second generation homeschooler as I am. Contentment flowed from her countenance. Bonnie Munger exemplified for me the fulfillment of having completed homeschooling well, as her children are now out of the nest and are continuing the legacy with her grandchildren. We felt so welcomed by the Clemons family. Kathy has a sweet, gentle spirit with constant encouraging words for her eight children. And what wonderful, creative children they are! I have been inspired to have afternoon tea parties with my children as she does hers. And finally, I was so excited to meet Cindy Rushton- she has been a mentor to me through her writing for many years. She is wonderful, very sweet and giving! Though her children are now graduated, she continues to bless the homeschooling community- worldwide!- through her books and online programs.

Thank you ladies for your inspiration, example, and steadfastness in the calling God has given you. I feel so very blessed to know you!


Stone Mountain

Okefenokee Swamp Park

Gliding in our boat through the murky tannic acid waters, overhanging trees mirrored in the dark depths creating a mystical atmosphere, we spy a log floating up ahead. But wait, the log suddenly moves toward us and we can see beady, menacing eyes staring back at us- it’s an alligator!! So went our fascinating field trip to Okefenokee Swamp Park in Georgia. Alligators, turtles, lizards, snakes, LARGE spiders, and humidity combined with 30* temperatures on the first day of Fall…this is very different than home! I think we are all feeling that many of the things we are experiencing are very surreal.


Tybee Island, Georgia

What a beautiful place! It is very warm (hot) but the ocean breeze is cooling. And, ahh, the ocean! Majesty, power, and beauty! This was the first time our two youngest had experienced the ocean- they were more interested in the swimming pool until we dragged them to the beach and then suddenly they were enthralled! “Wow, look at the sand!” “I found a shell, and another, and another!” “Can I jump the waves?” “Do we have to leave?” And Adam’s favorite line for anywhere that he particularly likes: “I wish we could live here!” I was pleased that the water was so warm- not cold like the Pacific Ocean. The kids had fun body surfing in the waves, at least until a wave tumbled Dustin against the abrasive sand (he has the battle scars) and then the coast guard came along warning of rip tides forming.


Meet our family

We are a “mid-sized” home school family from Alberta, Canada.

Greg is the Dad. He just retired this spring from teaching in Calgary for the last 30 years.

Shauna was a homeschool graduate before homeschool was “normal,” and now works hard at home to educate her own kids.

Dallas graduated from home school in ’05 and has been busy working to build MovieMakers, the video business that he and Greg started together.

Dustin has also been graduated for several years. Along with attending Bible collage he has been building a local website design business.

Travis is the oldest in school, enjoys science and is looking at learning a trade. He does graphic design work for the family business as well.

Shalayne has just begun high school. She loves to play and sing, and facilitates the shipping and handling for MovieMakers.

Lisa is a very eager grade five student keeping Mom on her toes to have enough learning activities for her to do. She is knitting away the miles when Mom can’t think of anything else for her to do!

Adam is the youngest. He is very excited to start school. We don’t think he quite gets the trip thing yet.



Photos of our visit with the Josts

The Wonderful Jost Family

The family that sings together… is amazing!

The intricate scroll-work talent of the Jost men.

The family that prays together, stays together.

The view from the family’s back deck.

The beautiful wide open prairie with the Montana Sweet Grass Hills in the background.


Fun and laughter!

Ahh, a table for a large family with lots of room for friends.

The relaxed Papa!

Two film-makers sharing their common interest.

The Mama Is Excited!

I am going to enjoy and benefit from this filming tour in many ways, and I already have . As a homeschool Mom, I am always interested in learning from other ‘veterans in the field’ and so I am excited to meet new faces from whom I can glean. Lisa Jost did not disappoint me! I especially loved seeing how joyful and content she was, and it is always wonderful to see how families work together and relate – what a blessing and example she and her family is! Because my own husband has retired from teaching to take on this adventure of film-making, uncertainties certainly have been entertained in my mind. I relish security. I loved listening and learning as the Jost family dispelled those uncertainties and expounded on God’s amazing provision, miracles and blessings in their lives. If we remain faithful, He will provide and bless us beyond what we can imagine. No, things may not always be easy or go according to our plan, but He remains steadfast and true. I need to be reminded of these things. Thank you to the Josts for their tremendous example of faithfulness!