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Remembrance/Veteran’s Day and “History With John Brown”

Today is the day people all over the world gather together to honor and remember fallen heroes, those who fought for our freedom, and those who sacrificed all that they had for something they believed in. And as we all take this day to remember, not just World War I, but all wars, I thought it would be appropriate to present to you my next video, History With John Brown. The property he lives on was located right on the battle lines of the Union and the Confederates, marked with its own aspects of history. Honor the fallen soldiers, who fought for their country. Join John Brown as he describes just a few of the things he has found and discovered about that piece of land.

By the way – I apologize greatly for the abrupt ending. I forgot to charge my battery.


PS – Once again, along with the embedded Tangle, I have a YouTube version for all you Tubers.

“C-Roll – The Brown’s Interview”

Viewers rejoice!! The second installment of my c-roll footage series is in, and you get to watch it. Enjoy this wacky, and yet again confusing, bit of material.

And again, these piece of footage was just one random blip of video, not meaning to make any sense. It doesn’t help that my battery died.

I apologize for any internal hemorrhaging caused.

Note: if you prefer YouTube to Tangle, please click here.

The Brown’s

Yesterday we met the Brown family: John (dad), Kyrsten (mom), Cedric (10), Schuyler (almost 8), and Galadrea (almost 6). It took over an hour to find their house because we got lost. It seems to be a common occurrence because we got lost going to the Jost’s as well, we just didn’t know it until we phoned them like they asked. Once we found it we were amazed by the beauty of their property and house. Standing on the front porch there was a view of rolling hills, where a Civil war snow ball fight took place on Christmas day, and a creek running through. Looking up to the large elegant house was a water fall running down the hill. Once inside you were surrounded by a big open floor plan with a German theme. The boy’s bedroom upstairs was a Mexican theme and Gladrea’s a pretty pink late 1800s room.

Mrs. Brown had fresh homemade lemonade and iced tea for us the whole time we were there. The first night she also had some kind of peanut butter squares that were delicious. During our first visit, Galadrea, their only daughter, was watching me quite closely. Occasionally, I’d glance over and see her watching me so I would smile at her. After a few of those she would quietly make her way to the seat next to me and watch me for a while and then make her way back to her mom. She is an adorable princess.

The two boys, Cedric and Schuyler, were very intelligent and outgoing. I would say that they know more than me, either that or different knowledge. The filming went very well, we were a lot more efficient than last time so we finished in good time.