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We would like to be able to edit and homeschool while traveling, so we are looking for a motorhome. We are surprised that for a little bit older model, the price is much less than we thought. Our plan is to buy in the fall, when it is a buyers’ market, and sell in the spring, which will be more of a sellers’ market. We are asking God to supply a reliable one, from a seller willing to give us a good price. Today we are deciding between two and are praying for God’s wisdom and provision in our decisions!

Filming Screens

Dale Jost
Our Camera is not the best camera, being close to out of date and with some frustrating “features”. However we have learned allot over the years with it. I was very happy with the image we got during the Jost Family interviews.

Lisa Jost in her kitchen
We used our Lowel lighting kit and a Lowel light of Joal’s to get a nice 3 point lighting and a look I liked. I was amazed at how much the lights did for the camera, when we would turn them off the camera image would look black and white.

Change of dates for San Antonio Christian Film Festival

Josts and Lammimans in San Antonio at the 2009 Festival

One goal for our documentary is to enter it in The San Antonio Christian Film Festival, which was to be held in February 2010. We expected an October submission deadline, so were on a tight time frame to complete this project. Yesterday the festival announced a change of dates, due to construction at the convention center. The festival will now take place in October 2010 and the submission deadline is now in June! The time pressure has now evaporated, but we still want to try to stick with our timeline so we can begin a new project in November. Now we are asking God whether we need a motorhome for this trip or not. We had planned on editing on the road in the motorhome. This still seems like a great idea, but not as urgent. We are looking for God’s provision and leading.


The Mama Is Excited!

I am going to enjoy and benefit from this filming tour in many ways, and I already have . As a homeschool Mom, I am always interested in learning from other ‘veterans in the field’ and so I am excited to meet new faces from whom I can glean. Lisa Jost did not disappoint me! I especially loved seeing how joyful and content she was, and it is always wonderful to see how families work together and relate – what a blessing and example she and her family is! Because my own husband has retired from teaching to take on this adventure of film-making, uncertainties certainly have been entertained in my mind. I relish security. I loved listening and learning as the Jost family dispelled those uncertainties and expounded on God’s amazing provision, miracles and blessings in their lives. If we remain faithful, He will provide and bless us beyond what we can imagine. No, things may not always be easy or go according to our plan, but He remains steadfast and true. I need to be reminded of these things. Thank you to the Josts for their tremendous example of faithfulness!


Wind Screen “A” field testing

So earlier I posted that I had got some fun fir to make a wind sock out of. Well the day we left for Milk River I made one up in 5 min. It muffles the sound down a bit, and could not take the good strong winds that Milk River had to offer, but I think it did to something to cut them down a bit. I was getting some bits of sound outdoors rather then just the constant Chhhggggchhchchcgggg that wind usually makes. So I think it was success and will work well for light winds.

I have lots of fur left so hope to get some different designs made before we leave for the actual tour.


The First Miracle

The first miracle of our trip happened on the first day we arrived in Milk River. We were planning on camping at Writing on Stone Provincial Park near the Josts. We hadn’t realized that this year the park began accepting reservations through a new online system. When we turned off Highway 4, the sign to the park, which was still a half hour away, said “Campground Full.” If we didn’t stay at that park we would be commuting long distances, so we decided to see if it was completely full, praying as we drove. It was getting late when we got to the next turn-off. Again the sign read “Campground Full.” We decided to continue the last ten minutes to see if there was one spot available and speculated how God might make it so. We saw RVs leaving and thought they may have been turned away. When we arrived at the gate, the sign read “Campground Full.” We drove into the park to the registration office. She said there was nothing available, but would check her computer for the following night. When she did, she said, “I don’t believe it, someone just cancelled! I just turned someone else away five minutes ago.” This little answer to prayer saved us hours of driving to and from our visits to the Josts home. Thank you, Lord!


The First Visit: The Jost Family

This week we drove down to the little town of Milk River in southern Alberta to meet and interview a devout Christian family, the Josts. We have had previous connections with a few of the older kids, but really getting to know the whole family was a joy, and it was awesome to learn the heart of Dale Jost, the father.

The Josts, along with living on an acreage and raising various animals, have several albums and tour regularly under the name of “The Josties”. If you want to learn more, please visit their website, Josties dot com.

Aside from this, Jesse, the oldest, is an excellent speaker. I have personally heard him, and he delivers his message in a way I have never heard anywhere else. Josiah, the third oldest, is currently designing logos for an international clientelle, and does it quite professionally. Visit to find more information about his company, what he does, and what he believes.

They have also produced a small homeschool magazine, Hearts At Home, which is delivered to several hundred readers. I could go on with details, but we’ll leave some of that for you to find out in the documentary, and you can visit the Josties website. I hope to upload some exclusive photos and video of our visit, so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to subscribe!!



We went to a lot of stores today to look at cameras, audio recorders and computers etc. Didn’t buy anything as there is a lot to think about, what do we need? How is the best way to use what to have? What should our workflow look like?

We did get some fun fur I plan to make a wind screen/sock from for our mike.

That MovieMakers Documentary

MovieMakers, who have previously brought forth the educational films Amazing Map, Amazing Math (yet to be published), and the hysterical skit Pinata: Life of Brokenness have embarked on a new journey, this time to create a documentary. A documentary about entrepreneurial stay-at-home dads. To quote Greg Lammiman, the brainfather of this project:

…Christian Homeschool Dads who are home entrepreneurs – dads who have found a way to be at home with their business and who disciple their children as they engage in their careers. …inspire homeschool fathers to seek to be more actively involved in discipling their children by being with them throughout the day, rather than being at a job and leaving it to mom. …feature families from a variety of circumstances – locations, careers and ages of children.

Another, shorter way to put it is from Dallas Lammiman, his son:

A documentary about entrepreneur fathers who work from home in order to spend more time with their families. We want to focus on how their families work together and benefit as a result.

Although currently unnamed, filming is expected to start soon, and updates, located on this blog or the Facebook page, will be readily available.

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