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Our first full edited version of the film is one hour forty five minutes! Yikes! We have to trim about 50 minutes to get down to our time budget. There is so much good material from our interviews that we will have to cut. Please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom as we start to cut it down.

Jurgen Beck – Composer

We are very pleased that today we made arrangements with Jurgen Beck to be the composer of our documentary. Jurgen has a passion for the message of our film, which makes him a real partner in what we hope to accomplish. This is a very exciting development for us, as well as an answer to prayer. We are looking forward to working with him. You can check samples of his work at his website –

Documentary Snapshot

This is the documentary in a snap shot ATM, a frame every 2 second I believe. I had seen this with other films to look at color from the big perspective. I thought it might be good to see what our film looks like in the grand picture. What colors are in the film? What colors I would like and how to tie things togather with the graphics.

Sherwood’s “Courageous”

How exciting to see Sherwood Pictures theme for their next film production. (Sherwood Pictures are the makers of Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Flywheel.) God is leading them to speak about the same issue he has led us to – fathers discipling their children. This is an issue which is close to our heart, as our enemy makes great strides in breaking up the family. Christian fathers are called to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. We are addressing this through our documentary. Sherwood Pictures is doing it with a narrative feature film. Please pray for both projects, that they will have a huge impact on our culture! Check out their announcement at


Remembrance/Veteran’s Day and “History With John Brown”

Today is the day people all over the world gather together to honor and remember fallen heroes, those who fought for our freedom, and those who sacrificed all that they had for something they believed in. And as we all take this day to remember, not just World War I, but all wars, I thought it would be appropriate to present to you my next video, History With John Brown. The property he lives on was located right on the battle lines of the Union and the Confederates, marked with its own aspects of history. Honor the fallen soldiers, who fought for their country. Join John Brown as he describes just a few of the things he has found and discovered about that piece of land.

By the way – I apologize greatly for the abrupt ending. I forgot to charge my battery.


PS – Once again, along with the embedded Tangle, I have a YouTube version for all you Tubers.

We’re Working Hard!

I am here to apologize on our lack of posts. We’re currently in the midst of major editing, discussion deals with composers, and marketing our latest product, Amazing Math: Subitize Me! However, I am currently working on some more videos to bring to you, so keep your eyes open. Expect videos such as a short history clip from John Brown, a time lapse, and more family specific videos!

Also, if there’s anything you’d like to know, questions, suggestions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know!!