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Well, we have been busy editing as well as doing marketing for the Amazing Math videos. We met with the Math person for the Calgary Board of Education the other day and she loved it! It was a very positive meeting!

We are now starting to write up the ligaments of the documentary, the parts that hold the thing together. Pray for us as we do this, it really is a crucial stage of the production and of forming the film.
You may also have noticed the new banner for the blog, all the men interviewed are featured. I am slowly beginning to build the supporting media for the film, such as web site, trailers, etc.

Amazing Math

Well, we finally have released one of our long over due projects Amazing Math: Subitze Me! and a new web site! Please check them out, thanks for all your support!


“C-Roll – The Brown’s Interview”

Viewers rejoice!! The second installment of my c-roll footage series is in, and you get to watch it. Enjoy this wacky, and yet again confusing, bit of material.

And again, these piece of footage was just one random blip of video, not meaning to make any sense. It doesn’t help that my battery died.

I apologize for any internal hemorrhaging caused.

Note: if you prefer YouTube to Tangle, please click here.

Mt. Rushmore and Wind Cave

On October 6th we visited Mt. Rushmore and the Wind Cave. There was fresh snow in the mountains but despite the cold, it was beautiful and we enjoyed our day. Did you know that each face on the mountain is 60 feet tall? Washington’s nose is 21 feet long and the noses of Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are 20 feet long!

The Wind Cave was very interesting. The original hole where the cave was discovered in 1881 creates a wind by differing atmospheric pressure from inside the cave and out, thus the name. Inside, we saw rock formations of boxwork, popcorn and frostwork. Our guide turned all lights out so we could experience true darkness. You could not see your hand in front of your face. He also lit a candle lantern so we could experience the cave as the early explorers did. Fascinating.
Later, we saw bison, deer and antelope out on the prairies. When evening came the black hills truly stood out black against the sunset.


Tech trouble..

6 years, 40+ projects latter, my camera may have bit the dust… So we are now renting a JVC DV tape deck and importing all the video. Still a lot of technical questions to face before the doc is over because of it though. I am glad that the deck at least recognizes my tapes, it is the first thing other than my camera ever to do so!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Canadian thanksgiving, so we are taking a break before we start to work on the doc again.

Home Sweet Home!!

I am pleased to announce some very good news: We made it home!! The weather wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it could be, and we made it home in good time. Last night we ended up staying in the Super 8 in Great Falls due to the cold factor. This morning we tried to start up the van, but the battery had died, or something along those lines, and we had to get AAA to come and boost us up (thank goodness for AAA). Later on, after a final, cheaper refueling stop, we had to get another boost from a kind gentleman there. Finally at the border we didn’t dare turn it off. The process there went very smoothly. The rest of the way home was rather painless, and watching how big the kms numbers were compared to miles was confusing and interesting. I guess we need to get re-used to metric…


P.S. We still have plenty of trip and video info on the way…so don’t take this as the end!!

Snow Storm

We are currently preparing to leave South Dakota early to beat a nasty snow storm which is in the works. It is currently a quarter to 8, and we woke up at 6. Hopefully we can make it through without any problems, and if worst comes to worse, we will spend our life savings on a hotel. We will add more posts when we are next able, if not tonight or tomorrow, after we get back in two days!!


Bouchards in Des Moines

While passing through Des Moines we finally got to see my best buddy from my young adult days, Dave Bouchard, and his wife, Sue. This is the first time to see them in Des Moines, since they moved there from Calgary 26 years ago. They fed us really well while we were there, highlighted by huge, tender barbecued pork chops. They were great! It was also great to “chew the fat” and get caught up on old times. We were there on a Sunday, so got to worship with them at Rising Sun Church of Christ, where Dave has been music pastor all this time. Beautiful building, friendly people and wonderful worship. Also had the opportunity to be “culterfied” be Des Moines’ new sculptures downtown.


Des Moines Iowa

We spent the night in the church parking lot of my parent’s good firends (my dad’s best man in our parents wedding), it was nice, we had the big building to our selves, with showers and large kitchen. I have a hunch one of my parents will post more about that latter.