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Composer Announcement1

We are very pleased to announce Andre Forbes as the composer of the original score for Entrusted With Arrows.  Jurgen Beck needed to step back from his commitment as composer due to his wife’s health challenges. Please continue to pray for Shawn’s full recovery from her cancer treatments.  Jurgen is now Executive Music Producer, acting as director and mentor for Andre.  Andre was chosen as composer in early March due in large part to the excellent job he did scoring our trailers.  Since that time he has been producing excellent music for the film, which is a joy to listen to.  We can’t wait to share it with the world on June 1st! Now we have the talent of two excellent composer collaborating for the success of our film.  What a blessing for us all. Check out Andre Forbes’ work at


Entrusted With Arrows .com has arrived!

A bit late but here it is, as promised, more big announcements! Please take a gander and let us know what you think! 😀


Entrusted With Arrows Teaser Trailer!




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New Face Book Page

 First Big news of the week! We have a new Face Book Page, please join it and help us spread the word! I believe we need to aim for at leas 1,000 fans, that is a big number right now, but with a little help it could be achieved.
 Thanks so much for all your support so far, please keep praying for us and the project, we want to finish strong!


Look for big news and updates this week!

Word on the street is that we have lots of news and updates just itching to be announced this week, so keep your ear to the ground! (Could we finally be releasing a trailer?!?!?)


Jost’s New Album!

Josts are one of the families featured in our documentary, they have just put out a new Album! Check it out, see if their tour will take them to your aria! We have the privilege of t aping a live privet performance for the documentary, it is relay good stuff! (listening to our copy that just arrived today!)