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Remembrance/Veteran’s Day and “History With John Brown”

Today is the day people all over the world gather together to honor and remember fallen heroes, those who fought for our freedom, and those who sacrificed all that they had for something they believed in. And as we all take this day to remember, not just World War I, but all wars, I thought it would be appropriate to present to you my next video, History With John Brown. The property he lives on was located right on the battle lines of the Union and the Confederates, marked with its own aspects of history. Honor the fallen soldiers, who fought for their country. Join John Brown as he describes just a few of the things he has found and discovered about that piece of land.

By the way – I apologize greatly for the abrupt ending. I forgot to charge my battery.


PS – Once again, along with the embedded Tangle, I have a YouTube version for all you Tubers.

We’re Working Hard!

I am here to apologize on our lack of posts. We’re currently in the midst of major editing, discussion deals with composers, and marketing our latest product, Amazing Math: Subitize Me! However, I am currently working on some more videos to bring to you, so keep your eyes open. Expect videos such as a short history clip from John Brown, a time lapse, and more family specific videos!

Also, if there’s anything you’d like to know, questions, suggestions, or ideas, please do not hesitate to let us know!!

“C-Roll – The Brown’s Interview”

Viewers rejoice!! The second installment of my c-roll footage series is in, and you get to watch it. Enjoy this wacky, and yet again confusing, bit of material.

And again, these piece of footage was just one random blip of video, not meaning to make any sense. It doesn’t help that my battery died.

I apologize for any internal hemorrhaging caused.

Note: if you prefer YouTube to Tangle, please click here.

Home Sweet Home!!

I am pleased to announce some very good news: We made it home!! The weather wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it could be, and we made it home in good time. Last night we ended up staying in the Super 8 in Great Falls due to the cold factor. This morning we tried to start up the van, but the battery had died, or something along those lines, and we had to get AAA to come and boost us up (thank goodness for AAA). Later on, after a final, cheaper refueling stop, we had to get another boost from a kind gentleman there. Finally at the border we didn’t dare turn it off. The process there went very smoothly. The rest of the way home was rather painless, and watching how big the kms numbers were compared to miles was confusing and interesting. I guess we need to get re-used to metric…


P.S. We still have plenty of trip and video info on the way…so don’t take this as the end!!

Snow Storm

We are currently preparing to leave South Dakota early to beat a nasty snow storm which is in the works. It is currently a quarter to 8, and we woke up at 6. Hopefully we can make it through without any problems, and if worst comes to worse, we will spend our life savings on a hotel. We will add more posts when we are next able, if not tonight or tomorrow, after we get back in two days!!


To Tybee Island!!

Hey all,

Just as Dallas said, we are still alive. I can confirm that for you. Relaxing on a quaint little island by both the warm ocean and Savannah, GA, made us totally forget about updating you guys on our trip, so we’ll try to get back on that.

After leaving the Munger’s in North Carolina, we drove down to the beautiful city of Savannah, located on the coast and full of as many trees as one could wish for. Right next to Savannah, however, is a little island named Tybee Island, and that is where we stayed. We had to drive over a several mile salt marsh to get there, and seeing it at both high and low tides was quite the sight. After pulling into the campground, which was quite nice but had the loudest cicadas ever, we set up and headed to the beach.

From what I could tell, Tybee Island was an old fort of some sort, with old bunkers and batteries used as sever-weather shelters, and several canons located around as decoration. However, this is where I shall end, and so I hope you check back soon for some more stories about Savannah, Okefenokee Swamp, and the Clemons!!

The Jost’s: A Behind-The-Scenes C-Roll

FINALLY! A video about the Jost interview – Made by me!

However, I apologize if you don’t understand this video at all. But the truth is, the day went exactly like this. Random, confusing, and everything inbetween. So enjoy, and laugh anyways.

Another thing: this video is made up of footage I’ve been taking on set during filming – I’m currently recovering from a broken arm, and I’m not the best, so it may get better as time goes on.

Important: No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

To whom it may concern: WE’RE SORRY.


EDIT: The video is now embedded Tangle, so for you who still want the YouTube video, please visit this link.


So this is interesting…As I type, we are currently stranded on an off ramp from a toll-road in Illinois. The thing about long journeys is that you need to keep an eye on your gas tank, or else you end up on the shoulder, like us. However, Dallas and my dad are currently walking to town to find a phone, where they can call AAA. They should be able to get us gas in some way or another, and we’ll be back on our way. Hopefully we learned our lesson; this is our third time running on fumes!!


PS: Thanks to Sleep Inn for not locking their wi-fi!

The Epic Journey

Today our family embarked on the first leg of our adventure. After packing ruthlessly for over eight hours, we ran into several hiccups. We were just about ready to leave, when Dustin discovered that our trailer jack was broken and next to useless. We finally took it off and quickly left to pick up travel papers from social services before it closed at 4:30. We arrived there at 4:32, but luckily someone was still there. It is a major blessing that God kept the doors open, despite the fact that most businesses are locked down by that point. After arriving at a campground near Brookes, AB, we discovered that all the power sites were taken!! We are currently situated on a lovely no-power site, relying on battery power, enjoying the cool of the night, and taking in God’s beautiful handprints (the stars) as I sit here typing at 9:35 PM. Another bonus was that, unlike our previous road trips, we have more room in both our van and trailer than we expected, which is a nice surprise. Would you consider praying for us as we continue on in our adventure, that all would go according to God’s purpose, and that we could figure out a way to fix our trailer jack?


P.S. Does anyone know which cables plug into which side of a trailer battery?

The First Visit: The Jost Family

This week we drove down to the little town of Milk River in southern Alberta to meet and interview a devout Christian family, the Josts. We have had previous connections with a few of the older kids, but really getting to know the whole family was a joy, and it was awesome to learn the heart of Dale Jost, the father.

The Josts, along with living on an acreage and raising various animals, have several albums and tour regularly under the name of “The Josties”. If you want to learn more, please visit their website, Josties dot com.

Aside from this, Jesse, the oldest, is an excellent speaker. I have personally heard him, and he delivers his message in a way I have never heard anywhere else. Josiah, the third oldest, is currently designing logos for an international clientelle, and does it quite professionally. Visit to find more information about his company, what he does, and what he believes.

They have also produced a small homeschool magazine, Hearts At Home, which is delivered to several hundred readers. I could go on with details, but we’ll leave some of that for you to find out in the documentary, and you can visit the Josties website. I hope to upload some exclusive photos and video of our visit, so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to subscribe!!