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The Fugitive Prince

I just finished reading The Fugitive Prince, the newly published fifth book of the Bell Mountain series by Lee Duigon. Let me begin by saying it is part of a highly entertaining series of stories written in an action fantasy genre. It has some fantastical elements to it, but not overly so. It is populated with races of human beings with only a few invented creatures. Duigon has managed to create a world which is completely consistent with a Biblical worldview and at the same time, completely other. It has it’s own history and it’s own scriptures, yet it honors the Lord at the same time. This is no small feat. He also has the knack of keeping you wanting more, page by page, chapter by chapter and book by book.

Which brings us, specifically, to The Fugitive Prince. After times of war and victory, the life of God’s newly anointed king is threatened. The Fugitive Prince is the story of God’s protection over him. Throughout the series, the great enemy of the kingdom of Obann is the empire of the godless Thunder King. In this story, however, the Thunder King doesn’t attack through military action, but by using false teachers to deceive and to subvert from within. Throughout the story, I saw parallels to our times today, as the enemy uses politically correct language and ideas to confuse and seduce the general population, turning the beliefs and values of the nation upside down. In addition to intrigue, this volume has it’s share of adventure, danger and suspense. As with each of it’s predecessors, I didn’t want to put it down. The Fugitive Prince (370 pages) and the rest of The Bell Mountain series is available at and

Greg and Dallas to appear on web radio shows in coming month

We just finished recording an interview for two web/pod-cast/radio shows with Cindy Rushton this morning. We talked about family businesses, fathers, our documentary and more. Versions of the interview will appear on the Mom to Mom show as well as Cindy’s new show Families in Business latter this month.

Learn more about these show by visiting: and

Entrusted With Arrows Reviewed by The Simple Life

“When I watch the movie, I get this tingle in the back my neck and it sort of flushes my face.” ~ The Simple Life

Entrusted With Arrows was reviewed recently on The Simple Life blog, he had some very encouraging things to say. It is amazing to us to see how this Documentary is resonating with people across the continent.

To read the full review and post visit The Simple Life.

‎”…I’d like to say thank you to the Movie Makers. Like a fire on a winter’s day, they brought cheer and inspiration to me, reminding me that with God, all things are possible. ” ~ The Simple Life