Amazing Math: Subitize Me!

Subitize? What’s Subitize?

Subitizing is instantly seeing how many!

Subitizing will prepare your child’s mind for all kinds of numeracy skills. Math is more than memorizing facts and procedures. A truly mathematical mind will develop understanding of numbers and the connections between them.

Subitize Me will teach children to visualize groupings of objects, knowing their number instantly. This will develop flexibility in their thinking and allow them to advance quickly in establishing number sense. This DVD will introduce them to subitizing in a fun and entertaining way.


Subitizing Exercises

In the special features, the viewers can subitize like TT and Bebo, returning to each setting, such as the Arctic or outer space. These exercises are in order from simplest to most difficult. Depending on their present abilities, some children will start with the first Subitizing Exercise, while others will want to start at a more difficult level. The Subitizing Exercises can be done with a whole class or by one or two children at home. By learning to subitize a child is learning:

  • number sense
  • to associate a number with a whole collection
  • to visualize quantities and the associated number
  • relationships between numbers
  • to visualize subsets of a number
  • to use subsets of numbers to quickly make addition and subtraction equations
  • the foundation for quick and creative mental arithmeticplace value concepts



I need to tell you how much of a difference your movie “Subitize Me!” has made in my school. The children are asking to see it over and over again. I have students coming up to me in the hallway holding up some fingers and saying “Subitize me!” They have gone home and taught their parents. The children are so excited about the concept!

I have seen the movie 70+ times already. Every time, I sit in awe reflecting on how well it was put together and what a great acting job the 2 kids did. Excellent product!

Doreen Young
Math Coach
Indian River CSD
Philadelphia, New York