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About Us

Moviemakers is a family home business with big dreams. Currently specializing in educational films, we strive for excellence in production, making supporting media that is both educational and entertaining, and filling holes in the market.

A True Family Venture

Dallas Lammiman (co-founder) has wanted to make movies since he was 16. In 2006, he and Greg Lammiman (his father and co-founder) started MovieMakers and began production of Amazing Map Meteghan and Amazing Map Bouctouche, two ambitious film series that explore Acadian communities and total more running time than an average feature film. Soon, the business expanded to include almost every member of the family! A typical project sees Greg (dad) producing and writing, Shauna (Mom) handling logistics, Dallas directing and editing, Dustin building the web sites, Travis creating cover art and ads, Shalayne managing orders and shipping, and the younger two entertaining actors on their off time.