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Buy Digital and Rent Online

- 19th June

We hare excited to now offer Digital VOD and Online Streaming Rental for all our products! We are excited at the opportunities this opens up for enhanced viewing of new and older productions. Wile DVD limits the resolution and quality of the video displayed and about of content that can fit on a disc, Digital […]

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Announcing 2 New Feature films in the works!

- 14th January

We are excited to announce that we have 2 new feature films in the works from MovieMakers! A Comedy called My Grandpa Detective and a Science Fiction film called Mayflower II. Both films are slated to film in 2014 and have estimated release dates in 2015. To learn more about the stores and how to […]

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The Fugitive Prince

- 17th August

I just finished reading The Fugitive Prince, the newly published fifth book of the Bell Mountain series by Lee Duigon. Let me begin by saying it is part of a highly entertaining series of stories written in an action fantasy genre. It has some fantastical elements to it, but not overly so. It is populated […]

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