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Move Making 101 is now shipping!

Well after a long wait our latest MovieMakers production is now shipping! Movie Making 101 is a DVD perfect for the beginning filmmaker. The main 60min video gives an overview of all the major stages of making a movie as presented by an amusing chalkboard teacher. It is interspersed with practical ideas that we have learned and found useful in our own filmmaking. These ideas are perfect for a filmmaker on a tight budget with limited resources. Some of the subjects include:

  • How to get story ideas
  • Outlining your story
  • Why and how to use storyboarding and animatics
  • Sets and costumes
  • Choosing and buying equipment
  • Finding people to work with
  • Directing actors
  • Communicating through lighting
  • Communicating through camera movements
  • Ideas for recording better sound
  • How to use transitions
  • Foley and sound libraries
  • Visual effects
  • Colour correction and colour grading
  • Music
  • And more!

The DVD also includes: Movie Making 101 (featured 60min film), director/producer commentary, the full animatic for the film, and a short video “Responsibility of the Story Teller”.

Movie Making 101 is available through the MovieMaking 101 online store: Buy Movie Making 101 now!

MovieMakers to screen 2 films at SAICFF!

We are so exited to announce that we have received conformation that Entrusted With Arrows and Subitize Me are both Semi finalists in this years San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (to be held in October 2010) in their respective categories! The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival is considered by many the premier christian film festival in the world, the films selected and show in the least few years are top notch.

Entrusted With Arrows Reviewed by The Simple Life

“When I watch the movie, I get this tingle in the back my neck and it sort of flushes my face.” ~ The Simple Life

Entrusted With Arrows was reviewed recently on The Simple Life blog, he had some very encouraging things to say. It is amazing to us to see how this Documentary is resonating with people across the continent.

To read the full review and post visit The Simple Life.

‎”…I’d like to say thank you to the Movie Makers. Like a fire on a winter’s day, they brought cheer and inspiration to me, reminding me that with God, all things are possible. ” ~ The Simple Life

MovieMakers Interviewed on AM 11.40

On August 1st Greg and Dallas were invited to do a live radio interview about the new MovieMakers documentary Entrusted With Arrows on the radio show “Gospel Road” on AM 11.40. The interview went fantastic,  we have placed the interview online for those who wanted to hear it but were unable to tune in and  so missed it.
Here are the links to all 4 parts of the interview:
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 1/4
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 2/4
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 3/4
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 4/4

What do you think of Entrusted With Arrows?

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Entrusted With Arrows Premiere a Success!

Last night the Lammiman Family Theater was filed to capacity for the Premiere screening of the MovieMakers Documentary Entrusted With Arrows. The audience enjoyed the documentery thoroughly calling it “very thought provoking”.


500 DVDs ready to ship!

We picked up the DVDs this morning, here is a photo of the first box opened. Click here to to buy the Entrusted With Arrows DVD.

New Entrusted With Arrows official trailer!


Entrusted With Arrows reviewed on Caribbean Wordkeeper!

Ruth writer of the blog “Caribbean Wordkeeper” just posted a review of our documentary! Please take a moment to check it out!

…Set in the United States of America, Entrusted With Arrows is an hour-long documentary film that challenges Christian men to be the fathers God designed them to be (spiritual leaders at home….. responsible, God-led, husbands and fathers). The overarching theme is one of recovery… the willingness to take even drastic steps to recover from the family leadership crisis that seems to be prevalent the world over…

Read the full review at:

One of the key ways that independent films grow is by positive reviews. If you would like to review the film please send us an e-mail.




Watch the first 3 minuets of the film of the film on YouTube!

Watch the first 3 minutes of the film here:

Let us know what you think!