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Move Making 101 is now shipping!

Well after a long wait our latest MovieMakers production is now shipping! Movie Making 101 is a DVD perfect for the beginning filmmaker. The main 60min video gives an overview of all the major stages of making a movie as presented by an amusing chalkboard teacher. It is interspersed with practical ideas that we have learned and found useful in our own filmmaking. These ideas are perfect for a filmmaker on a tight budget with limited resources. Some of the subjects include:

  • How to get story ideas
  • Outlining your story
  • Why and how to use storyboarding and animatics
  • Sets and costumes
  • Choosing and buying equipment
  • Finding people to work with
  • Directing actors
  • Communicating through lighting
  • Communicating through camera movements
  • Ideas for recording better sound
  • How to use transitions
  • Foley and sound libraries
  • Visual effects
  • Colour correction and colour grading
  • Music
  • And more!

The DVD also includes: Movie Making 101 (featured 60min film), director/producer commentary, the full animatic for the film, and a short video “Responsibility of the Story Teller”.

Movie Making 101 is available through the MovieMaking 101 online store: Buy Movie Making 101 now!