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Holiday Videos

On monday held a 12 hour video contest. We and many of the families we had interviewed made submissions, none of us won, but the Jost’s did place 6th! i thought you all might enjoy seeing the videos.
Jost’s video:

Lammiman’s video:

Clemons’ video:

Munger’s video:

To see all the entries click here:
Marry Christmass and happy new year!


We were blogged about!

Betsy Clemons posted on her blog about our visit!

To Tybee Island!!

Hey all,

Just as Dallas said, we are still alive. I can confirm that for you. Relaxing on a quaint little island by both the warm ocean and Savannah, GA, made us totally forget about updating you guys on our trip, so we’ll try to get back on that.

After leaving the Munger’s in North Carolina, we drove down to the beautiful city of Savannah, located on the coast and full of as many trees as one could wish for. Right next to Savannah, however, is a little island named Tybee Island, and that is where we stayed. We had to drive over a several mile salt marsh to get there, and seeing it at both high and low tides was quite the sight. After pulling into the campground, which was quite nice but had the loudest cicadas ever, we set up and headed to the beach.

From what I could tell, Tybee Island was an old fort of some sort, with old bunkers and batteries used as sever-weather shelters, and several canons located around as decoration. However, this is where I shall end, and so I hope you check back soon for some more stories about Savannah, Okefenokee Swamp, and the Clemons!!