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The Josties – “What Happy Is” Official Music Video

In our documentary Entrusted With Arrows we were privileged to spend some time with the Jost family. At the end of our day of filming we had some time to record a song from their new album called What Happy Is and were able to include the living room performance of the song on our DVD (so if you a Jostie fan that is one more good reason to get the DVD!). This week the the Josties released the official music video of the song. Check it out it really is a fantastic song and video!

Watch the video on YouTube


Jost family on 100 Huntley Street!

100 Huntley Street

The Jost family was the featured guest on 100 Huntley Street today! The Jost family is one of the 5 families featured in “Entrusted With Arrows”, the family has a really amazing story that Dale shared a bit of on 100 Huntley Street today. The Jost family is 2 weeks in to a 7 week sining tour to the east coast.

I will post a link to todays show online when one comes available. But check your local listings to see if you can still catch them this evening!

To see if you can catch the Josties on tour, visit their web site:


Jost’s New Album!

Josts are one of the families featured in our documentary, they have just put out a new Album! Check it out, see if their tour will take them to your aria! We have the privilege of t aping a live privet performance for the documentary, it is relay good stuff! (listening to our copy that just arrived today!)


Holiday Videos

On monday held a 12 hour video contest. We and many of the families we had interviewed made submissions, none of us won, but the Jost’s did place 6th! i thought you all might enjoy seeing the videos.
Jost’s video:

Lammiman’s video:

Clemons’ video:

Munger’s video:

To see all the entries click here:
Marry Christmass and happy new year!


The First Visit: The Jost Family

This week we drove down to the little town of Milk River in southern Alberta to meet and interview a devout Christian family, the Josts. We have had previous connections with a few of the older kids, but really getting to know the whole family was a joy, and it was awesome to learn the heart of Dale Jost, the father.

The Josts, along with living on an acreage and raising various animals, have several albums and tour regularly under the name of “The Josties”. If you want to learn more, please visit their website, Josties dot com.

Aside from this, Jesse, the oldest, is an excellent speaker. I have personally heard him, and he delivers his message in a way I have never heard anywhere else. Josiah, the third oldest, is currently designing logos for an international clientelle, and does it quite professionally. Visit to find more information about his company, what he does, and what he believes.

They have also produced a small homeschool magazine, Hearts At Home, which is delivered to several hundred readers. I could go on with details, but we’ll leave some of that for you to find out in the documentary, and you can visit the Josties website. I hope to upload some exclusive photos and video of our visit, so keep your eyes peeled and feel free to subscribe!!