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Working on Trailers

Dallas is busy putting together a few trailers for Entrusted With Arrows. He has sent a teaser trailer to Andre Forbes, who has offered to compose the music for our trailers! Thanks, Andre!


Loose Ends

The locked version is in the hands of our composer, Jurgen Beck. Please pray for Jurgen’s wife, Shawn, as she is now recovering from surgery for breast cancer and for creativity and wisdom for Jurgen as he composes the score.
We now have a few other items to take care of.  We are refining all the text portions of the film, which is relatively easy.  One of the most difficult jobs is “cleaning sound.”  One of our interviews had an air conditioner running in the background, which gives a very loud hum.  When cutting in and out between others’ interviews this hum is very noticeable, so we are taking on the job of removing it.  This is a very difficult process and usually leaves an unnatural vocal tract.  I think of it as an icy sound with lots of pops and other artifacts.  Others liken it to recording in a glass bottle. We need prayer on this one!  We are also working on the special features and trailers.  The special features will include a full interview for each family.  This will be full of the wisdom that had to be edited out of the main feature, so I’m hoping people will take the time to watch these!