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Entrusted With Arrows has been accepted into the International Christian Film Festival and was selected for Best Adult Education Film! Wow!

The festival will be held on Saturday, October 2nd at 5pm at the Woodbridge Community Church located at 5000 Barranca Parkway in Irvine, CA.

MovieMakers to screen 2 films at SAICFF!

We are so exited to announce that we have received conformation that Entrusted With Arrows and Subitize Me are both Semi finalists in this years San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (to be held in October 2010) in their respective categories! The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival is considered by many the premier christian film festival in the world, the films selected and show in the least few years are top notch.

Entrusted With Arrows Reviewed by The Simple Life

“When I watch the movie, I get this tingle in the back my neck and it sort of flushes my face.” ~ The Simple Life

Entrusted With Arrows was reviewed recently on The Simple Life blog, he had some very encouraging things to say. It is amazing to us to see how this Documentary is resonating with people across the continent.

To read the full review and post visit The Simple Life.

‎”…I’d like to say thank you to the Movie Makers. Like a fire on a winter’s day, they brought cheer and inspiration to me, reminding me that with God, all things are possible. ” ~ The Simple Life

MovieMakers Interviewed on AM 11.40

On August 1st Greg and Dallas were invited to do a live radio interview about the new MovieMakers documentary Entrusted With Arrows on the radio show “Gospel Road” on AM 11.40. The interview went fantastic,  we have placed the interview online for those who wanted to hear it but were unable to tune in and  so missed it.
Here are the links to all 4 parts of the interview:
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 1/4
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 2/4
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 3/4
Gospel Road interview (Entrusted With Arrows) Part 4/4