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Win a copy of Entrusted With Arrows for fathers day!

Saturday’s prize will be a free copy of Entrusted With Arrows for Fathers’ Day! Enter today by suggesting an idea for a home business. Enter on the Entrusted With Arrows facebook page.


Win “The Amazing Detectives Trilogy” on DVD!

Do you know a homeschooling father who has a home business? Tell us about what their business is and their ministry to their family on the Entrusted With Arrows facebook page for a chance to win The Amazing Detectives Trilogy on DVD!

Win a free DVD copy of “Stage Coach Robbery on Sharp Hill!”

The Entrusted With Arrows DVD launch is in only 13 days, 18 hours, 28min and 20 seconds! To get ready for it we are announcing multiple contests and a giveaways!

Contest # 1: Watch the first 6 minuets of the film online!
The first one being, that we will release the first 6 minuets of the film online if the FaceBook page grows to 150 likes! I would love to have to give out another bigger group prize if we can reach this goal soon enough!
Contest # 2: Five DVD giveaways over the next 2 weeks!
The first contest prize is the MovieMakers DVD “Stage Coach Robbery on Sharp Hill!”
-To enter, use the “Suggest to Friends” button to the left under the poster on the facebook page to invite friends to join, then post a comment on FaceBook telling us how many friends you invited! Then we will randomly select a winner from your comments on Thursday!

Entrusted With Arrows Release Date Changed!

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are moving the Entrusted With Arrows Release date from June 1st to June 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

The good news is that next week we will be starting out launch, which will include lots of prizes, news and goodies, so keep your eyes open!

Looking for Bloggers

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Are you a blogger? Do you have a blog? Would you like to see a pre-release preview of Entrusted With Arrows? Fantastic! We need your help! We are looking for bloggers (anyone with any kind of blog) who would like to review our Documentary Entrusted With Arrows before it releases!

So if you would like to watch the film and post a review of it, please send me an e-mail letting us know you are interested and with a link to your blog!

Entrusted with Arrows Hits 100 likes!

We have hit 101 likes on facebook yesterday! I believe we could double that before june 1st. There is a small button under the avatar on the EWA FaceBook page called “Suggest to Friends” If everyone were to suggest only 6 of your friends (or all of them) we would be able to do even better than doubling the likes!

Entrusted With Arrows

Thanks for all you continuing support!

New Teaser Trailer!
Tangle coming


Entrusted With Arrows .com has arrived!

A bit late but here it is, as promised, more big announcements! Please take a gander and let us know what you think! 😀


Entrusted With Arrows Teaser Trailer!




Please become a fan on facebook!

New Face Book Page

 First Big news of the week! We have a new Face Book Page, please join it and help us spread the word! I believe we need to aim for at leas 1,000 fans, that is a big number right now, but with a little help it could be achieved.
 Thanks so much for all your support so far, please keep praying for us and the project, we want to finish strong!