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“C-Roll – The Brown’s Interview”

Viewers rejoice!! The second installment of my c-roll footage series is in, and you get to watch it. Enjoy this wacky, and yet again confusing, bit of material.

And again, these piece of footage was just one random blip of video, not meaning to make any sense. It doesn’t help that my battery died.

I apologize for any internal hemorrhaging caused.

Note: if you prefer YouTube to Tangle, please click here.

  • The Movie Maker

    I think Travis did a good job explaining just how much work it is, and just how much time it takes to shoot something very simple and very short.

  • Joe C.

    stupid airplanes don't they know your trying to make a movie:)

  • That Crazy Llama

    Haha, well its not like we have the money to restrict airspace for a couple hours.