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Home Sweet Home!!

I am pleased to announce some very good news: We made it home!! The weather wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it could be, and we made it home in good time. Last night we ended up staying in the Super 8 in Great Falls due to the cold factor. This morning we tried to start up the van, but the battery had died, or something along those lines, and we had to get AAA to come and boost us up (thank goodness for AAA). Later on, after a final, cheaper refueling stop, we had to get another boost from a kind gentleman there. Finally at the border we didn’t dare turn it off. The process there went very smoothly. The rest of the way home was rather painless, and watching how big the kms numbers were compared to miles was confusing and interesting. I guess we need to get re-used to metric…


P.S. We still have plenty of trip and video info on the way…so don’t take this as the end!!