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The Mama Is Excited!

I am going to enjoy and benefit from this filming tour in many ways, and I already have . As a homeschool Mom, I am always interested in learning from other ‘veterans in the field’ and so I am excited to meet new faces from whom I can glean. Lisa Jost did not disappoint me! I especially loved seeing how joyful and content she was, and it is always wonderful to see how families work together and relate – what a blessing and example she and her family is! Because my own husband has retired from teaching to take on this adventure of film-making, uncertainties certainly have been entertained in my mind. I relish security. I loved listening and learning as the Jost family dispelled those uncertainties and expounded on God’s amazing provision, miracles and blessings in their lives. If we remain faithful, He will provide and bless us beyond what we can imagine. No, things may not always be easy or go according to our plan, but He remains steadfast and true. I need to be reminded of these things. Thank you to the Josts for their tremendous example of faithfulness!