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Change of dates for San Antonio Christian Film Festival

Josts and Lammimans in San Antonio at the 2009 Festival

One goal for our documentary is to enter it in The San Antonio Christian Film Festival, which was to be held in February 2010. We expected an October submission deadline, so were on a tight time frame to complete this project. Yesterday the festival announced a change of dates, due to construction at the convention center. The festival will now take place in October 2010 and the submission deadline is now in June! The time pressure has now evaporated, but we still want to try to stick with our timeline so we can begin a new project in November. Now we are asking God whether we need a motorhome for this trip or not. We had planned on editing on the road in the motorhome. This still seems like a great idea, but not as urgent. We are looking for God’s provision and leading.