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The First Miracle

The first miracle of our trip happened on the first day we arrived in Milk River. We were planning on camping at Writing on Stone Provincial Park near the Josts. We hadn’t realized that this year the park began accepting reservations through a new online system. When we turned off Highway 4, the sign to the park, which was still a half hour away, said “Campground Full.” If we didn’t stay at that park we would be commuting long distances, so we decided to see if it was completely full, praying as we drove. It was getting late when we got to the next turn-off. Again the sign read “Campground Full.” We decided to continue the last ten minutes to see if there was one spot available and speculated how God might make it so. We saw RVs leaving and thought they may have been turned away. When we arrived at the gate, the sign read “Campground Full.” We drove into the park to the registration office. She said there was nothing available, but would check her computer for the following night. When she did, she said, “I don’t believe it, someone just cancelled! I just turned someone else away five minutes ago.” This little answer to prayer saved us hours of driving to and from our visits to the Josts home. Thank you, Lord!