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Mom’s Perspective

It is so inspiring to meet other Christian homeschooling families. The families we filmed for the documentary were from different places, in varying businesses, some with many children, some with fewer, some with young children and some with grown and married children. They were all strangers to us, and yet we shared the common bond of being brothers and sisters in Christ, and that of homeschooling. Each of the families have been so hospitable, from sharing meals with us, to letting us camp on their property, to allowing us to stay in their guest house, and always wonderful fellowship. It has been refreshing to see these wives and mothers so happy and content, fulfilled in their calling and supportive and encouraging to their husbands as they in turn lead and support their family.

I feel I have been blessed to meet these wonderful, godly women. Lisa Jost is so positive and encouraging. I loved watching her interact with her children and seeing the love flow between them. It was neat to meet Kyrstin Brown, another second generation homeschooler as I am. Contentment flowed from her countenance. Bonnie Munger exemplified for me the fulfillment of having completed homeschooling well, as her children are now out of the nest and are continuing the legacy with her grandchildren. We felt so welcomed by the Clemons family. Kathy has a sweet, gentle spirit with constant encouraging words for her eight children. And what wonderful, creative children they are! I have been inspired to have afternoon tea parties with my children as she does hers. And finally, I was so excited to meet Cindy Rushton- she has been a mentor to me through her writing for many years. She is wonderful, very sweet and giving! Though her children are now graduated, she continues to bless the homeschooling community- worldwide!- through her books and online programs.

Thank you ladies for your inspiration, example, and steadfastness in the calling God has given you. I feel so very blessed to know you!