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Tybee Island, Georgia

What a beautiful place! It is very warm (hot) but the ocean breeze is cooling. And, ahh, the ocean! Majesty, power, and beauty! This was the first time our two youngest had experienced the ocean- they were more interested in the swimming pool until we dragged them to the beach and then suddenly they were enthralled! “Wow, look at the sand!” “I found a shell, and another, and another!” “Can I jump the waves?” “Do we have to leave?” And Adam’s favorite line for anywhere that he particularly likes: “I wish we could live here!” I was pleased that the water was so warm- not cold like the Pacific Ocean. The kids had fun body surfing in the waves, at least until a wave tumbled Dustin against the abrasive sand (he has the battle scars) and then the coast guard came along warning of rip tides forming.