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Meet our family

We are a “mid-sized” home school family from Alberta, Canada.

Greg is the Dad. He just retired this spring from teaching in Calgary for the last 30 years.

Shauna was a homeschool graduate before homeschool was “normal,” and now works hard at home to educate her own kids.

Dallas graduated from home school in ’05 and has been busy working to build MovieMakers, the video business that he and Greg started together.

Dustin has also been graduated for several years. Along with attending Bible collage he has been building a local website design business.

Travis is the oldest in school, enjoys science and is looking at learning a trade. He does graphic design work for the family business as well.

Shalayne has just begun high school. She loves to play and sing, and facilitates the shipping and handling for MovieMakers.

Lisa is a very eager grade five student keeping Mom on her toes to have enough learning activities for her to do. She is knitting away the miles when Mom can’t think of anything else for her to do!

Adam is the youngest. He is very excited to start school. We don’t think he quite gets the trip thing yet.