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Mungers – B

Along with Greg Munger we also interviewed his son Paul Munger and his family. We didn’t get to see much of Paul and it was even tricky to coordinate our schedules. Paul is working as the casting director of extras on One Good Man, and as such was very busy. The Munger house was a constant flurry activity as they were hosting many cast and crew, and helping with craft services all wile working around the rain.
When we got there we had only a very short 30 minutes to shoot Paul, and it often takes us 20+ min just to set up our lights! It was good this was not our first time setting up, buy this time had got in to a “groove” of sorts and each knew or jobs. We set up in record time and got a bit of a time extension with Paul. After that we had another crunch time interview with Shela (Paul’s wife), and then got all our B-roll before lunch!
I really wish we had more time to spend with the Munger family, even the short time we had with them we had was really enjoyable!