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Filming Narration

Today we got the weather break that we needed to film our narration. The temperature was just above freezing (3ºC), winds were light and the sun was shining. I love this view of downtown Calgary, which we chose to represent the world’s culture and its worldview. The mountains behind are pretty spectacular, too, but I’m not sure they represent anything – other than the beauty of God’s creation! You can see the Saddledome on the left where the NHL’s Calgary Flames play hockey. It was built for the “88 Winter Olympics. Some of you may be old enough to remember that! Those beautiful towers were built by our “dirty oil!” [Ha! Don’t get me started on Copenhagen and “climate change!” Anyone have an extra trillion dollars? Hillary? Hillary? Perhaps this blog is getting off topic.]

Anyway, the filming went very well and hopefully will bring glory to the Lord! Thanks to Travis for coming along and being our “teleprompter” operator. Dallas spent the afternoon editing our new material. It’s coming together!