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Well, I think we will be up to speed in a post or two. Internet hot spots are fewer and further in-between than expected so far.

We pulled in to the Clemons on Thursday afternoon and were greeted by good old southern hospitality! Our families got along famously right from the start. The Clemons own a guest house that they allowed us to take over; it was nice to take a break and spread out after 2+ weeks in the tent trailer. It even had a washer and dryer! Huzzah for clean clothes! The Clemons called their guest house “little Canada” during our stay.

Sam Clemons is a surveyor. Rather then film B-roll after lunch as usual, we were able to get some hands on experience in surveying in the afternoon as the older children were off doing auditions for their upcoming short film. Each evening we shared a meal and then the games would come out. It is a lot of fun when big families get together!

It really was a joy to get to know the Clemons family and we were truly sad to leave. And Lisa was very sad to have to say goodbye to Princes Pinky (the cat). One more interview to go and then we start heading home!