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Entrusted With Arrows

Entrusted With Arrows: Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers highlights the efforts of a few Christian men who take extreme measures to directly train up their children in the way they should go. They do this by not only educating them at home, but by developing businesses which allow them to be with their children on a regular basis, living side by side with them, following the commands of Deuteronomy 6.

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Home Educator 4 Pack + Entrusted With Arrows

Bundle includes four educational DVDs – Amazing Map: Bouctouche series, Amazing Math: Subitize Me!Amazing Detective Trilogy and Stage Coach Robbery on Sharp Hill, along with award winning documentary Entrusted With Arrows: Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers. Regular value $169.95. Bundle price $144.99 plus a shipping discount.

$169.95 $144.99

Movie 3 Pack

Bundle includes three movies – Award winning documentary Entrusted With Arrows: Entrepreneurial Homeschool FathersMovie Making 101 and the Christian feature length film Remember. Regular value $59.97. Bundle price $52.97. For home use only.

$59.97 $52.97