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Filming Screens

Dale Jost
Our Camera is not the best camera, being close to out of date and with some frustrating “features”. However we have learned allot over the years with it. I was very happy with the image we got during the Jost Family interviews.

Lisa Jost in her kitchen
We used our Lowel lighting kit and a Lowel light of Joal’s to get a nice 3 point lighting and a look I liked. I was amazed at how much the lights did for the camera, when we would turn them off the camera image would look black and white.

Wind Screen “A” field testing

So earlier I posted that I had got some fun fir to make a wind sock out of. Well the day we left for Milk River I made one up in 5 min. It muffles the sound down a bit, and could not take the good strong winds that Milk River had to offer, but I think it did to something to cut them down a bit. I was getting some bits of sound outdoors rather then just the constant Chhhggggchhchchcgggg that wind usually makes. So I think it was success and will work well for light winds.

I have lots of fur left so hope to get some different designs made before we leave for the actual tour.



We went to a lot of stores today to look at cameras, audio recorders and computers etc. Didn’t buy anything as there is a lot to think about, what do we need? How is the best way to use what to have? What should our workflow look like?

We did get some fun fur I plan to make a wind screen/sock from for our mike.