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Jost family on 100 Huntley Street!

100 Huntley Street

The Jost family was the featured guest on 100 Huntley Street today! The Jost family is one of the 5 families featured in “Entrusted With Arrows”, the family has a really amazing story that Dale shared a bit of on 100 Huntley Street today. The Jost family is 2 weeks in to a 7 week sining tour to the east coast.

I will post a link to todays show online when one comes available. But check your local listings to see if you can still catch them this evening!

To see if you can catch the Josties on tour, visit their web site:


New Teaser Trailer!
Tangle coming


Entrusted With Arrows .com has arrived!

A bit late but here it is, as promised, more big announcements! Please take a gander and let us know what you think! 😀


Entrusted With Arrows Teaser Trailer!




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Look for big news and updates this week!

Word on the street is that we have lots of news and updates just itching to be announced this week, so keep your ear to the ground! (Could we finally be releasing a trailer?!?!?)


Jost’s New Album!

Josts are one of the families featured in our documentary, they have just put out a new Album! Check it out, see if their tour will take them to your aria! We have the privilege of t aping a live privet performance for the documentary, it is relay good stuff! (listening to our copy that just arrived today!)


Holiday Videos

On monday held a 12 hour video contest. We and many of the families we had interviewed made submissions, none of us won, but the Jost’s did place 6th! i thought you all might enjoy seeing the videos.
Jost’s video:

Lammiman’s video:

Clemons’ video:

Munger’s video:

To see all the entries click here:
Marry Christmass and happy new year!


Documentary Snapshot

This is the documentary in a snap shot ATM, a frame every 2 second I believe. I had seen this with other films to look at color from the big perspective. I thought it might be good to see what our film looks like in the grand picture. What colors are in the film? What colors I would like and how to tie things togather with the graphics.


Well, we have been busy editing as well as doing marketing for the Amazing Math videos. We met with the Math person for the Calgary Board of Education the other day and she loved it! It was a very positive meeting!

We are now starting to write up the ligaments of the documentary, the parts that hold the thing together. Pray for us as we do this, it really is a crucial stage of the production and of forming the film.
You may also have noticed the new banner for the blog, all the men interviewed are featured. I am slowly beginning to build the supporting media for the film, such as web site, trailers, etc.

Amazing Math

Well, we finally have released one of our long over due projects Amazing Math: Subitze Me! and a new web site! Please check them out, thanks for all your support!