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Mungers – B

Along with Greg Munger we also interviewed his son Paul Munger and his family. We didn’t get to see much of Paul and it was even tricky to coordinate our schedules. Paul is working as the casting director of extras on One Good Man, and as such was very busy. The Munger house was a constant flurry activity as they were hosting many cast and crew, and helping with craft services all wile working around the rain.
When we got there we had only a very short 30 minutes to shoot Paul, and it often takes us 20+ min just to set up our lights! It was good this was not our first time setting up, buy this time had got in to a “groove” of sorts and each knew or jobs. We set up in record time and got a bit of a time extension with Paul. After that we had another crunch time interview with Shela (Paul’s wife), and then got all our B-roll before lunch!
I really wish we had more time to spend with the Munger family, even the short time we had with them we had was really enjoyable!

Mungers – A

We set up our tent trailer in the Munger’s driveway and were able to spill out in their large car port which was nice as it rained the hole time we were there. The Mungers were also hosting another family who was part of the crew (Teacher, craft services and extras) on Advent Film Group’s film One Good Man.

After we had set up we talked with the Mungers in their living room about the next day. The conversation turned to the Munger’s most recently finished film A Blueprint for Language Arts Success Greg was showing us the DVD, how they made their DVDs in house now, how they did this and that… then you can imagine all of our surprise when my name appeared the credits! I had forgotten, and Greg didn’t know, that Paul (Greg’s oldest son) had given me a “special thanks” credit at the end of the film. We all had a good laugh about that.

Greg Munger owns Piedmont Educational Services a and has had several films created including the multi award winning Animals of the Bible, which he made with his son Paul.

Along with us filming our documentary, I felt like I was in the middle of christian film making central. It seemed that everyone was somehow involved in a production of some sort on some level. It was a very busy and very fun place to be.


From Canada to Georgia

We are currently are camping on the east coast, I just wanted to let you all know that all is well. We are taking a short vacation time before we start head north and get interviewing again. It is nice to take a brake from all the driving. This is the warmest natural body of water I have ever touched! Asides from a dugout that is. Some times it has been warmer than out of water, and that is saying something since it has sat around 30c the whole time we have been here.
Look for posts in the next little while about our interviews and visits with the Munger families, our exploration of Savannah, and other adventures on the ocean!


The Jost’s: A Behind-The-Scenes C-Roll

FINALLY! A video about the Jost interview – Made by me!

However, I apologize if you don’t understand this video at all. But the truth is, the day went exactly like this. Random, confusing, and everything inbetween. So enjoy, and laugh anyways.

Another thing: this video is made up of footage I’ve been taking on set during filming – I’m currently recovering from a broken arm, and I’m not the best, so it may get better as time goes on.

Important: No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

To whom it may concern: WE’RE SORRY.


EDIT: The video is now embedded Tangle, so for you who still want the YouTube video, please visit this link.

Q&A with Dustin

As you should all know well by now our trip has taken us through many American states to this point. Many of our Canadian friends have been emailing us questions about our neighbors to the south, so we thought it would be a good idea to use this post to answer a few of their queries.

Bill from Calgary asks:
What does Della Wear?
A: She is wearing her new jersey.

Suzanne from Edmonton asks:
Where has Ora gone?
A: To see Attle.

Sarah from Red Deer asks:
What did Ida hoe?
A: She hoed her merry land.

Joe from Regina asks:
What did Tenna see?
A: The same thing Arkan saw.


Washington DC

Yesterday we went to Washington, DC. It was amazing though not really what I expected. I’m not quite sure what I expected but that was’t it. We had a wonderful time time looking at the sights, like the White House, the monuments, the scenery and the amazing architecture. There was so much history as well. Unfortunately we only briefly saw two of the Smithsonian museums because of the closing time but they were very interesting.


The Brown’s

Yesterday we met the Brown family: John (dad), Kyrsten (mom), Cedric (10), Schuyler (almost 8), and Galadrea (almost 6). It took over an hour to find their house because we got lost. It seems to be a common occurrence because we got lost going to the Jost’s as well, we just didn’t know it until we phoned them like they asked. Once we found it we were amazed by the beauty of their property and house. Standing on the front porch there was a view of rolling hills, where a Civil war snow ball fight took place on Christmas day, and a creek running through. Looking up to the large elegant house was a water fall running down the hill. Once inside you were surrounded by a big open floor plan with a German theme. The boy’s bedroom upstairs was a Mexican theme and Gladrea’s a pretty pink late 1800s room.

Mrs. Brown had fresh homemade lemonade and iced tea for us the whole time we were there. The first night she also had some kind of peanut butter squares that were delicious. During our first visit, Galadrea, their only daughter, was watching me quite closely. Occasionally, I’d glance over and see her watching me so I would smile at her. After a few of those she would quietly make her way to the seat next to me and watch me for a while and then make her way back to her mom. She is an adorable princess.

The two boys, Cedric and Schuyler, were very intelligent and outgoing. I would say that they know more than me, either that or different knowledge. The filming went very well, we were a lot more efficient than last time so we finished in good time.



So this is interesting…As I type, we are currently stranded on an off ramp from a toll-road in Illinois. The thing about long journeys is that you need to keep an eye on your gas tank, or else you end up on the shoulder, like us. However, Dallas and my dad are currently walking to town to find a phone, where they can call AAA. They should be able to get us gas in some way or another, and we’ll be back on our way. Hopefully we learned our lesson; this is our third time running on fumes!!


PS: Thanks to Sleep Inn for not locking their wi-fi!

Meet our family

We are a “mid-sized” home school family from Alberta, Canada.

Greg is the Dad. He just retired this spring from teaching in Calgary for the last 30 years.

Shauna was a homeschool graduate before homeschool was “normal,” and now works hard at home to educate her own kids.

Dallas graduated from home school in ’05 and has been busy working to build MovieMakers, the video business that he and Greg started together.

Dustin has also been graduated for several years. Along with attending Bible collage he has been building a local website design business.

Travis is the oldest in school, enjoys science and is looking at learning a trade. He does graphic design work for the family business as well.

Shalayne has just begun high school. She loves to play and sing, and facilitates the shipping and handling for MovieMakers.

Lisa is a very eager grade five student keeping Mom on her toes to have enough learning activities for her to do. She is knitting away the miles when Mom can’t think of anything else for her to do!

Adam is the youngest. He is very excited to start school. We don’t think he quite gets the trip thing yet.



The Border

Well, we finally crossed the border into the US. It took over an hour of waiting, interrogation and prayer. I was fine until they invited me into the back room and began the questions while snapping on rubber gloves. After they gave Shauna the same treatment, all eight of us sat forever in a small waiting room – reserved for those of us who feel like criminals (guilty ‘til proven innocent) – while they searched our vehicle and our belongings. The one suspicious substance they found was a small jar of swedish bitters, our family cure all. Once they decided we were not a hazard to homeland security, they suddenly became nice and gave us a thirty day business permit. Our prayers were answered and we were on our way. We are now a couple hours behind our itinerary and are trying to make up time. We would like to see my brother in Chicago on the way through, but are not sure we will have the time!